Thursday, April 18, 2013

Transit continued

I used to be a hippy in the Queensland rainforest and returned to visit recently, to a society outside the main, to a valley so lush it grows before you, the birds and snakes know no bounds. However it's a very small, contained paradise now, the acres of sugar cane fields that surrounded and protected it are covered in houses and people. I dream of it nearly every night as it was."
Walking around the studio I see a lot of odd fantastical female figrues riding on fairground horses. Women with fish in their hair, parrots coming out of their mouths, fish trapped in ice, a young girl taking a panther for a walk, a woman being chased by the wind.
I ask Margot if this is waht she sees when she's out in the bush? I'm laughing to myself about crazy artisits.
"While it's true that the Australian Indigenous people can see their ancestors walking about all I ever see out there is an odd unexpected perception of light. I think this is a question for quantaum physics in the future. These paintings are not country based, they're from my imagination."
She obviously thinks I'm combatative and shallow, so I ask her if she's trying to say something about women in general or if this series is a personal statement?
"I don't know if this applies to other women as well, I've been using the vehicle of the rider to make images of feelings, situations, change and place that I've experienced. If that chimes with other people I'd be very grateful."
"Yes, grateful that people might take some meaning, comfort, whatever. It would also mean that I'm not alone. Or crazy. Just a woman in transit."
Transit is the name of this exhibiton, an odd name for a series of paintings, it makes me think of a Sydney bus company.
Margot laughs and says "Transit along the path thru life, through situations, through experiences, through places, as more of ourselves becomes apparent. So I suppose we're all on the metaphorical bus. These horses and riders have broken free of the carousel and are off, still attached to heaven and earth and free to follow their own paths."
( more soon)

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