Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gemini in Australia is part of a series of 12 paintings that I took to exhibit in Sydney in October 2012.
what I wrote about this work is -
Going to Australia from a London low life existence with my dark self looking backwards, carrying the sorrowful black dog, somewhere way out there in the red landscape, dressed inappropriately, an apprentice hippy in a weird space.
What I wrote about the whole show, Transit, was -
So, the merry go round has come to town, the annual visit of the golden gallopers. A person  could go up and down and round and round in ever faster circles until the music stops.
Or a part of them, hopefully the better half, can decide to get off and go bush, take the horse, a sack full of memories and the more polished pieces of archetype and just leave.
Of course they're still attached to heaven and earth, still connected to the thread, still dancing to the music - but it's their own music now.
The women riders and their mounts have jumped the carousel, broken free of the roundabout to follow their different paths as odd, fantastical figures - women with fish in their hair, parrots coming out of their mouths, riding over fish trapped in ice, a young girl taking a panther for a walk, a woman following a hare being chased by the wind, another rising through shoals of coloured fish.
They're galloping through painter Margot Hutcheson's mind to meet up at watters Gallery, 109 Riley Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney from October 31st - November 17th 2012

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